Angel Light Facilitator

Angel Light Centrum Licht Hart

In this special angel workshop you will be connected with this beautiful pure energy of the Archangels. You will receive different initiations (blessings) also called as activations.

The Angel Blessing  (Angel Light Facilitator) helps you strengthen your connecting with the Angels and to let the Angels energy be part of your daily life.

During this training you will feel yourself becoming an Archangel and after this training you will literally be part of the Archangels existing.

After this training you will be able to activate the Archangels to work with you during healings, meditations and in all the cases where you will need them to be with you.

Everyone who feels the longing and passion of having more contact with the Angels, can receive these blessings and will be initiated with 5 angelrays, and after this much more will be possible then you have ever thought before.

This training does not work with symbols because symbols can work restrictive. During this training the connection with your Higher Self (your I Am ) recovered.

Training content:

This is a day to feel and experience the connection and the loving support of the Archangels.

This beautiful 1 day training of Angel Light Facilitator is given to us by Archangel Michaël.

A 1 day workshop incl. lunch, tea, and a workbook.

Price: 125,-.

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