Energetic healings for your physical body chakras and energetic bodies.

Etherical cristal healing is a deep relaxing healing to let the energy flow again in your chakras and energetic body and breaking through emotional and mental blockades


Energetic clearing of your body, chakras and energetic system including your DNA system


Liberation of your karma, a clearing of the hidden energie into your 7 chakras bound by the ties of the karma (cleansing everthing from your forma lives)


Purification of all the negative energies and false convictions inside yourselves made by your self and your ancestors, trapped in your DNA, blocking you to see the truth and keeping belief in your own illusions. During this activation these illusions will be replaced by activation of positive and pure energies and codes into all your DNA strands


Activates your process of ascension,(click on the word for explanation) to help you grow at your spiritual path to a "higher consiouness" and giving you awareness of all the signs (feelings, physical changes and allow you to reboot your system to a higher vibration which will attract


Recovers your contact with the Source, the place where we all come from as souls and where we can feel our wholeness and true connection again


Helps you to experience and find your inner power and strength 


Activates your lightbody, your frequence of energy and inner light will significantly increase. Travelling through other dimensions will become possible for learning at an higher frequence

NEW!!!!!!    'PATH OF YOUR NEW ENERGY !!!!     
Series of 6 important and highly recommended healings, clearings and activations with personal coaching to create a breakthrough in negative mental situations fatigue mental or physical diseases, pain, old wounds, trauma, burn out, highly sensitivity, adhd, autism, allergies etc  € 135


Clearing of negative energies in houses and other areas + putting a protection vortex, also possible from a distance 


most energetic sessions are also possible from a distance by providing a photograph and coaching per email or skype 

Healings clearings and activations 1 session € 30  3 sessions €75
Clearing houses and places (ex travelling costs ) 1 session € 30  3 sessions €75 
Clearing houses and places from a distance 1 session €20  3 sessions € 50 



Shamanistic healing and rituals with Indian drum and fire ceremonies in connection with Mother Earth & Cosmos


Learn more about your inner world, after a short relaxing meditation we will help you to paint your reflection of your inner world. We take time to interpret your painting with a short reading afterwards. 

Energetic or ayurveda also possible with two masseurs (4 hands) or massage for a couple 
Time to relax and renew your energy in the Valencian hills under the spanish sun, meals and bed inclusive
we can provide a customized program for you


NB most energetic sessions are also possible from a distance by providing a photograph

Healings and ceremonies shamanism 1 session € 30  3 sessions €75 
Intuitive painting € 35
Retreat in Spain region Valencia (Bed and meals) p.p.p.d € 50
Massages (approx 50 min)  p.p. € 40, in duo or 1 person 4 handsmassage €75

    To help you with your inner process, to release your pain, to help you at your spiritual path of consiousness inner power and love 

    also possible via skype from a distance

    • Melchizadeck blessings: to break through negativity in personal situations and getting more overview of your life 1 session €20 3 sessions € 50  
    • Readings: reading (Superior Consciousness) , Aura & chakra reading, Contact with beloved ones  €50 
    • Meditation circles or private meditations; Positif and healing group with Mantra singing, Mother Earth Christal & Tempel of light connection in group €3  individual €10
    • Inner Soul Work : Soul Body Fusion® (process of connecting your soul with your physical body) 3 sessions €75
    • Group souls fusion®  connecting your soul with your soulgroup & twin soul 3 sessions €75   
    • Healing journey for your inner child issues €35
    • Twinsouls/ twinflames: various healing reading and coaching possibilities especially for copeing with this deep connection between twins TIP: special twin energy activation retreat 3 days 222
    • Individual retreat in our centre Fuente Bon (The Good Source) Spain Valencia incl. bed and meals p.p.p.d € 50




in our center Fuente Bon ... the Good Source...     

situated between the sunny hills with the olive trees, citrus and nut trees, cacti and wild flowers and herbs, you can find our center for inner growth and retreats at just half an hours drive from the airport of Valencia.

A nice inspiring surrounding to discover yourselves!


At our grounds you can find a pool, terraces, tepee tents or bedrooms in our center with a nice view of the hills.

The retreats are fullboard inclusive period for the nights mentioned in the program however can be extended for a longer period for a holliday in this beautifull region. (additional nights can be booked by prior arrangement at €50 inclusive) 

   RETREATS inclusive bed and meals.

  • Spiritual Tasting Weekend: discovery program to let you taste of the variation in spirituality € 250
  • (Twin)soul Energy Clearing Weekend: a balanced energy weekend for clearing, and activating your energy system, to work with your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual blockages, and lift up your energy to liberate the way to Higher Unconditional Love, and TWIN Reunion € 222
  • Yoga Lightweek: with Kundalini yoga & inner growth and healing program in 6 days € 695 
  • Parent and Cildweek: holliday week together to work at your obsticals and bonding process 1 parent + 1 child 1 week € 795    


                                                                       SPIRITUAL WORKSHOPS

  • MAHATMA AVATAR BASIC HEALER CLASS (5th and higher dimensions training with healings,clearings,activations, ascension explanations, teams of protection and healing team installment and vortex etc  protection  €250 3 days
  • ANGEL LIGHT FACILITOR learning to work with all the angel energies and  €125  1 day
  • Mother Earth & the Cosmic Energies Discovery. learn to work with the 5 elements of the Earth and the Cosmos €150 2 days
  • Intuitive Development €150 2 days
  • Contact with your Spiritual Guide(s) € 30  (approx 2 hours)
  • Contact with your Guides Angels and Ascended Masters € 30   (approx 2 hours)
  • Intuitive Painting € 35 1 session €95  (3 sessions incl. materials)
  • Maya energies. walk and feel your path of Life € 30   (approx 2 hours)

all these workshops can be booked with or without bed and meals in our center. p.p.p.d € 50


Petra Boogaard & Edgar Bergsma

Center Fuente Bon for Inner growth & retreats Fuente Bon

Villar del Arzobispo, Valencia, Spain


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