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With this magnificent 3 day training/ 5 day retreat, you can let yourself in with this beautiful pure strong transforming energy called the Mahatma, which is coming directly from the Source (Divine) and containing the whole spectrum of the Source /Father /Mother/ God the Divine representing all the 12 rays!

To compare with Reiki or Tera Mai etc. working with only 1 ray of energy from the Source, the Mahatma flow of energy goes much deeper containing the 12 rays of energy, and because we do not work with symbols but with the highest state of BEING; your I AM PRESENCE, also called your Higher Self.

This I AM PRESENCE does not need any symbols to do what it has to do for us. Actually it has been proven that working with symbols can work restrictive for your spiritual growth because the symbols are from the old age. At the 21st of December 2012 we have entered a new Age and we are up to reclaim all which is actually our birth right to grow and helping out the whole humanity.

This Avatar from Synthese Basic Healer Class is a preparation for the Mahatma Avatar van Synthese Master Healer Class.

So before starting with the hard-core energy work of the 'Mahatma Avatar Master Healer Class' it has been proven in practise that by following this Basic Class the Mahatma energy will integrate so much deeper into your system:..

If you are already working with energy, with this training you will leave your comfort zone step by step: Why? Because in the New Age world we can find too much false information about energy work. We want to put you into your OWN power with this basic class.

After following this class you won't be a canal of energy anymore like with Reiki and other healing systems. But because your Rainbow Bridge (Antahkarana) will be ± 15 meters wide and will include you completely, you will literally BE the energy. 

Also the Mahatma energy is the complete spectrum of the Source, while Reiki etc. is contains only one ray of the Source.

By being the whole spectrum, the impossible will be possible!

The word Avatar comes from the Sanskrit meaning literally Incarnation of God, Mahatma means literally Great Soul.

The Mahatma Avatar from Synthese Basic Healer Class has a transforming effect at several disease patterns/syndromes whereby these will get the chance to disappear and / or getting the chance to learn dealing with them.

Examples of disease patterns/syndromes are:

  • Stress
  • fatigue/ lack of energy
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Burnout or depression
  • Fears
  • Sleeping problems
  • Grieving Process
  • Process of releasing grief, trauma etc.
  • Allergies
  • Chronic wounds

Content training:

  • Clearing (purifying of your 352 chakras and 12 bodies system and removal of entities etc.)
  • Antahkarana  (rainbow bridge activation of the complete spectrum)
  • Opening and activation of the Earth star
  • Mahatma activation level one
  • Higher Heart Chakra activation (Holy Heart Temple)
  • Main Fear matrix transforming into Higher Love
  • Light body Activation (Mer Ka Ba);
  • Mahatma activation level two
  • Light Frequency increase
  • Finger chakras activation
  • Pineal activation (third eye)
  • Healing practising 
  • Karma clearing (purifying your Karma by Earth Angel Michael);
  • Activation of the Violet Flame
  • Ascension meditation activation
  • Mahatma activation level three
  • Galactic Orb activation and practising
  • Instalment of your Healing Assisting Team
  • DNA purification and activation
  • Melchizedek Initiation and working with the energy
  • Teachings: Melchizedek Chamber & Kathedral (practise)
  • Teachings: Melchizedek Shri Murti
  • Teachings: Integrity
  • Teachings: The Ego and your Higher Self
  • Teachings: The Force of your thoughts 


This Mahatma Avatar from Synthese Basic Healer Class is a 3 days training and a beginning on your Path of Inner Mastery & Ascension.

If you feel the need after this Mahatma Avatar from Synthese Basic Healer Class to grow further by following the Mahatma Avatar van Synthese Master Healer Class this Class will start next year.


Price training:

The Mahatma Avatar from Synthese Basic Healer Class will cost as a 3 day training including lunch tea and a workbook  €250,-


Price: € 330 - €450  the price depends on a private or shared appartment (max 4 persons)

Retreat based on a Privat room with bathroom: €450 pp

Appartement shared with 2nd person  € 390 pp / shared with 3 persons € 360 pp / shared with 4 persons € 330 p.p. 

Retreat including 3 days trainingprogramma, workbook, meals, drinks, 4 nights beds, towels and transfer from and to Valencia airport.

To stay in your own camper / tent or in our caravan or tepee tent is also possible. 

Location: center Fuente Bon, Villar del Arzobispo, region Valencia Spain

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